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f'real Milkshakes & Smoothies

truck stops, Alabama truckstops, Top truck stops, Milkshakes Creek Travel Plaza is now in the thick of sweetness in the form of “the greatest tasting frozen beverages on the planet”, according to drink company f ’real, a unique company who takes milkshakes and smoothies to the next level of self-serve awesomeness. With over 19,000 locations nationwide, CTP is one of its newest vendors. Since inception, f ’real ranks as the number one frozen novelty brand in convenience stores and have sold over 350 million cups of frozen happiness.


Holiday Road Trip Tips

Holiday Road Trip Tips When jaunting out for this year’s holiday road trip, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Check Your Vehicle
Everyone should be getting regular maintenance on their vehicle, however, when traveling in variable weather perhaps in other areas of the country, you must prepare for the unexpected. Carrying things like an ice scraper, a spare tire, jumper cables and a flashlight can be crucial to have when on a road trip. Even extra gas, food and water are good ideas if your road trip travels are taking you through remote areas.


New Deli Menu Items

New Deli Items Click preview for full size PDF version.

Alabama's Number 1 Truck Stop - Two Years Running!

Alabama's Number 1 Truck Stop Creek Travel Plaza is:

  • Nationally Ranked #1 Independent Truckstop
  • Ranked #2 Overall Trucktop in the Country
  • Alabama's #1 Truckstop, 2 Years Running!


First Class Truck Stop

First Class Truck Stop The Creek Travel Plaza (CTP) was voted the 2017 top independent truck stop in America, as ranked by the user of theTrucker Path mobile app. Last year, CTP landed just inside the top 25, ranking as the 24th best truck stop, independent or otherwise, in the nation. Last year was the first time CTP had scored high enough since opening to be included in Trucker Path’s ranking of the top 100 truck stops in the country.


Holiday Road Trips

Holiday Road Trip Holiday road trips are fun especially when you are going to visit relatives for the holidays. However, before your road trip, be sure to adhere to these car care tips a few of which like filling your tires, cleaning your windshield can quickly be addressed at our store. You will also want to make sure your tank is topped off, and you have adequately stocked your cooler with snack, drinks and other road trip necessities.


Diner of Distinction

Diner of Distinction As a true testament to the Creek Travel Plaza's Diner commitment to quality food service and best restaurant management practices, Sysco, a leading national food distributor, just selected the Diner as one of their 2017 Distinguished Restaurants.

Annually, Sysco recognizes independently owned food service establishments who continually offer outstanding dining experiences that appeal to a wide variety of North American customers. This is the first time that the Diner has received this distinction.


More Options, Same Fast Service

Nexter's We are pleased to announce we are now under a private brand for our grab and go hot bar. We are changing things up a bit to have a bigger selection with substantially more choices.

Our menu will still include fried chicken, tenders, gizzards, and livers; but now, our expanded menu will includes items such as Conecuh sausage, fried fish filets, corn dogs, breakfast sandwiches and more. What won't change is our dedication to getting you in and out fast.

However, we do need your help. We want to come up with a catchy name that reflects our commitment to hot food made in small batches to ensure freshness. We also want to convey that not only is our food fresh, but that we will get you on the road again quickly.


Bear Hugs 4 Kids

Bear Hugs 4 Kids Tribal Police have issued a BOLO alert (be-on-the-look-out) for the following Teddy bears: cream-colored and brown bears wearing a white T-shirt with the Creek Travel Plaza logo on the front. Some bears might have scarves. All should be considered harmless and friendly.

The Bear Hugs 4 Kids program has come to life again, and law enforcement needs your help to make a child feel safe in a stressful situation.

Creek Travel Plaza (CTP) is the organizer for the bears program, which helps alleviate fear and anxiety in children during traumatic events, such as car accidents, domestic violence, house fires, etc.


Tribal Member Wayne Colbert wins CTP burger photo contest

Burger Contest In the age of 24/7 news, photos, social media and always being "plugged in," staying connected with friends and family is just a click away. There are many online avenues to document your life and share with those who like to be in the know, whether that is through a status post on Facebook, a Tweet on Twitter or a photo on Instagram, Tumblr or other photo apps.

Photos are the most popular way to tell a story or share events with those who might not be close by. People take photos of EVERYTHING — their children, pets, clothes (aka those new shoes you just bought) and even food, which has spiked in recent years and gained the nickname "foodtography."


Bears 4 Kids program donates stuffed animals to police department

bears_on_car For a child, any situation can turn traumatic and be scary. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night to a fire in your home, and you are being pulled from the house by a parent, a firefighter, a sibling or a neighbor. You have on just pajamas and don’t even have time to grab your favorite stuffed animal or toy.

Or maybe you can’t find your family and are crying in the arms of a policeman at a store or big festival because you got lost and separated from Mom or Dad.

Maybe you are a victim of child abuse and you don’t know who you can trust and lean on for comfort because you don’t know if you are safe.


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