The current cost of fuel is lower than last summer and is remaining relatively stable for 2019, but drivers are still looking for ways to spend less at the pump, especially if they are headed out on a summer road trip. Many drivers might be looking for ways to reduce their fuel costs, and Creek Convenience Stores in Atmore and Wetumpka and Creek Travel Plaza have put together a few suggestions on how to save fuel so that you can take that much needed vacation or just keep a little more of your hard earned money in your pocket.


Reconsider your choice of fuel. Many of today's auto manufacturers now design their vehicles so they can run smoothly on regular unleaded gas, which is typically listed as "87 octane" at filling stations. That's important to know, as regular gas is often considerably less expensive than alternatives that are higher octanes. Many drivers who choose regular unleaded opt for premium gas every third trip to slightly increase performance of older engines. Read your vehicle’s owner's manual to determine the best fuel for your car. When required, premium gas should always be used to sustain the life of your engine.

Buy when the time is right. Prices at filling stations fluctuate on a daily basis, and that's no exception here at our gas stations. Unless your car is running on empty, avoid filling up when the prices seem especially high. Some patience might pay off with several dollars in savings, and those savings can add up to a significant amount of money over time. Check phone apps, such as Gas Buddy, and websites, such as, for up-to-date fuel prices at our stores. We update our fuel prices every day.

Become a less aggressive driver. Drivers with hectic schedules tend to be more aggressive when behind the wheel. But driving aggressively is unsafe and potentially costly. When driven at speeds that exceed 55 miles per hour, vehicles lose fuel economy. According to the Consumer Energy Center, driving 55 miles per hour instead of 75 miles per hour can reduce fuel costs by as much as 75 percent.

Remove unnecessary weight. A car trunk might seem like a great place to keep your golf clubs, but unless you're planning on catching a round during your trip, such unnecessary cargo in your car makes it more difficult for the car to get from point A to point B. That forces the car to consume more fuel. Remove unnecessary weight from the car so your next trip to the gas station is less expensive.

The bottom line is that drivers who are willing to change their driving habits can save substantial amounts of money over time. With that said, we wish everyone safe travels this summer and hope you will choose our stores for all your summer road trip needs.

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