A peek inside what it was like to be a front line worker during COVID-19

It’s time to go to work. Many of your friends or colleagues are working from home, some are furloughed and others are in the unemployment line. You, on the other hand, are grateful to be gainfully employed. You go through your normal routine, shower, don your uniform, kiss your kids and spouse goodbye, then off to work. Only nothing seems normal anymore, because you are a front line employee in an essential business that services the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The public serving CIEDA businesses deemed essential businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak were Creek Travel Plaza and Creek Convenience Stores Wetumpka and Atmore. Each were open to the public throughout the duration of the epidemic. Daily these team members suited up and showed up throughout this pandemic.

So what did it feel like working during a pandemic? At Creek Travel Plaza, team members commented that any fear was outweighed by knowing they were doing something important to help the truckers and that everything now revolved around keeping everything as clean as possible to ensure the safety of both customers and team members. During this time it became very difficut for many truck drivers to find places that were open and serving food.

Team members saw these truckers come in exhausted from countless hours driving trying to keep our country’s supply lines moving. Their goal was to send these drivers off with some hot food, a full tank of fuel and a smile. Plus the decision was made to offer free showers to drivers as a way of supporting the #ThankaTrucker movement.

At Creek Convenience Stores, there were staffiing issues plus the difficult choice on whether or not to keep the store portions open or just use the drive thru windows. Each day offered new challenges. Yet the team was happy to be working at an essential business stating that with so many businesses closed and the increasing isolation of quarantine, that many people were just grateful to see a few familiar faces.

Leo Hammons, Director of Retail Operations oversees each of these stores. He stated “We knew as an essential business we had to be there for the public and the truckers. The team at each of these stores really showed how much they care about the businesses and most importantly the customers. I am inspired by their commitment to both.”

We are grateful to all of our team members who braved the front lines. Your effort and sacrifice is noted and appreciated. You successfully struck a balance of service and safety during a pandemic. So, from all of us, thank you!

By Jen Chism, CIEDA Marketing Manager

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