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Muskogee Technology's New President/CEO

MT New CEO Sometimes to take an award winning team like Muskogee Technology to the next level you have to change the quarterback, and that's exactly what they did when they brought on Westly L. Woodruff as their new President/CEO.

"We are confident that his many years of manufacturing experience will prove an asset to Muskogee Technology's continued success," said James T. Martin, CIEDA President/CEO.

This is the second time Woodruff has worked for Muskogee Technology. He worked as a welder over 21 years ago when the company was called Muskogee Metalworks.

"I think we had about nine employees back then, and Westinghouse in Pensacola was our primary customer," said Woodruff. "It's truly a pleasure to return to CIEDA and pursue business opportunities for the advancement of Muskogee Technology. What we do here is great and I am confident that through teamwork we can develop Muskogee Technology into a world-class manufacturing facility and industry leader in minority supplies."

Woodruff has an extensive background working in manufacturing, having worked ten years at Huhtamaki Retail Business Unit Chinet Division and five years in the steel fabrication and manufacturing industry before returning home to work for the Tribe. He is no stranger to facilitating and developing cohesive and highly functioning teams.

He has previously served as the Procurement Officer, managing all facilities and internal construction needs for CIEDA operations. Most recently Woodruff served as the Facilities Division Director at Tribal Government, overseeing the departments of Facilities, Natural Resources, and Public Works.

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