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Muskogee Technology expands to accommodate new machines

mt_expands_brake_press What do you do when you have huge machines and equipment but do not have a facility large enough to house them? As the old adage goes, “build it and they will come.”

That is exactly what Muskogee Technology in Atmore, Ala., has done. In July 2014, the need for expansion was obvious when the Poarch Creek-owned company started receiving heavy fabrication contracts, which required a new brake press machine so big they are literally erecting a building around them. Thus, MT North was born.

“By having this machine in-house, it allows us to eliminate the cost of going outside the company and is a lot faster for us to do ourselves” instead of sending products off to be finished, said Accounting Manager Lou Roberts.

After purchasing the old Brantley’s Tires building on North Main Street, part of the building was torn down to make room for the machine in its 12,000-square-foot space. Roberts said the machine is on order and will be arriving within a few weeks. After arrival and placement on the recently poured foundation, it will take another couple of weeks to build the building.

“The brake press is AB 600-14, which allows for a 600-ton capacity and has a 14-foot bed,” said Procurement Officer Wes Woodruff.

According to Jeff Nelson, Muskogee Technology plant manager, the equipment forms sheet metal and will allow the company to better fabricate steel parts for its customers, which include Caterpillar, Gardner Denver, Siemens and others.

MT North also has a new plasma cutter. This machine will cut up to 6 inches of carbon steel and is more efficient than the water jets used at the south end facility.

The plasma cutter is an HPR 400 machine, which uses a special technology for cutting metal to create extreme and lasting results.

Muskogee Technology North opened in August 2014 and already churns out tons of parts using the plasma cutting machine, straightening presses and heavy welding areas to make FRAC pumps and wind turbine tooling. The company prides itself on 100 percent on-time delivery and responsiveness in creating and manufacturing high-quality products and by implementing government-needed services with precision.

Capitalizing on its state-of-the-art software, Muskogee Technology demonstrates its professionalism and accuracy on doing things right the first time and every time. Muskogee Tech measures its success by making sure its customers are satisfied and get supreme products that are set to high standards.

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