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Massive freezer creates big opportunities for Muskogee Technology

mt_freezer Business is booming at Muskogee Technology, and the reasons behind it are recent additions to the facilities in Atmore. Partnering with GKN Aerospace gave Muskogee Technology opportunities to work with quality customers and produce quality parts. The company utilized the space it has by expanding its abilities to manufacture at a higher level, building an industrial freezer and adding a cleanroom to produce parts.

Muskogee Technology began building the freezer in 2013 and started housing composite materials it purchased from GKN in May 2014. Since then, a cleanroom has been installed and four cutting machines were brought in to cut the material for GKN and its customers.

Those parts are made out of what is called prepreg composites, which made the freezer at Muskogee Technology necessary for complete operation. Prepreg is a temperature-sensitive material and must be stored at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder to prolong its shelf life. At Muskogee Technology, the freezer is kept between 0 and -5 degrees Fahrenheit, said Mal McGhee, director of marketing for Muskogee Tech. The shelf life of inventory kept in the freezer is about two years.

MT makes parts for various aircraft, engine inlets and other commercial components, such as rotor blades and assembly structures. Having a freezer in-house allows the company to work more efficiently and have better access to the material.

“When it’s thawed out, the material is in a roll of fabric, kind of like vinyl,” McGhee said. “It is then laid down on cutting machines and they cut the material using computerized knife cutting software.”

Muskogee Technology has been working with GKN for a couple of years, McGhee said. With the addition of the freezer and cleanroom cutting machines, the company now has the ability to mass produce products for its customers.

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