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Holiday Road Trips

Holiday Road Trip Holiday road trips are fun especially when you are going to visit relatives for the holidays. However, before your road trip, be sure to adhere to these car care tips a few of which like filling your tires, cleaning your windshield can quickly be addressed at our store. You will also want to make sure your tank is topped off, and you have adequately stocked your cooler with snack, drinks and other road trip necessities.

Inspect the Tire Pressure
A big car care tip that you must follow is examining your tire pressure. Flat tires obviously need to be replaced. However, if you notice a low tire pressure, act before you take off on the road. Many modern cars tend to warn drivers if their car’s tires have low tire pressure. Nonetheless, it is always wise to check for yourself in case there is something your car’s warning system missed. Creek Travel Plaza has air stations for a nominal fee.

Replace Old Windshield Wipers and Keep Your Windshield Clean
Windshield wipers play a significant role in your safety on the road. If it rains, it is critical that they work correctly. Otherwise, your road trip suddenly becomes unsafe. Windshield wipers get old around six months of use. So, it is crucial to replace them before your road trip if they are potentially worn out.

Another car care tip to follow before you travel is cleaning your windshield. A clean windshield will minimize glare and increase visibility. Be sure to choose a gas station such as Creek Travel Plaza that offer windshield washing stations at the fuel islands.

Refill Windshield Washer Fluid
Another car care safety tip to always remember is refilling the windshield washer fluid regularly. Doing so is especially important when you start noticing the fluid decreasing. Some gas stations like Creek Travel Plaza offer washer fluid for sale by the gallon.

Join a Service like AAA
Things can go wrong no matter how careful of a driver you are. Whether there is a bad storm or you get a flat tire, you might need a little help wherever you are. Thus, it is wise to have a service such as AAA. These types of service providers will help you get your car repaired or towed regardless of where you traveled.

Buckle Up
Seatbelts can keep you safe. If an accident occurs, it can mean the difference between life and death. Most states can ticket you for not wearing one.

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