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f'real Milkshakes & Smoothies

truck stops, Alabama truckstops, Top truck stops, Milkshakes Creek Travel Plaza is now in the thick of sweetness in the form of “the greatest tasting frozen beverages on the planet”, according to drink company f ’real, a unique company who takes milkshakes and smoothies to the next level of self-serve awesomeness. With over 19,000 locations nationwide, CTP is one of its newest vendors. Since inception, f ’real ranks as the number one frozen novelty brand in convenience stores and have sold over 350 million cups of frozen happiness.

F’real founder, Jim, wanted to create a system that allowed folks to blend up their sweet treats to fit their taste preferences. Some people prefer thick milkshakes and smoothies that require a spoon to eat, while others prefer indulging through a straw. Regardless of your preference, f ’real lets you choose the exact thickness you want.

At CTP you will find flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, oreo, strawberry banana or cake batter. It’s quick and easy to make your f ’real smoothie or milkshake, just pick your flavor from the freezer, peel the lid and place in the cup in the machine. Set your thickness preference then hit the start button and your custom treat will be ready in about less than a minute.

So stop in for a fresh new way to satisfy your sweet tooth with a f ’real shake or smoothie from Creek Travel Plaza. If you find you love f ’real, be sure to sign up for the f ’real perks online at

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