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Women in Charge

Women in Charge The workforce in the United States is large, and finding where you fit in often is challenging. For women, it might seem daunting at first, but in recent years, the number of women in the workforce has grown and continues to increase tenfold. At Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority, we are happy to employ a vast number of women and are proud to have many women as managers in various departments. However, three businesses under the CIEDA umbrella have women as general managers: Creek Convenience Store Atmore, Creek Travel Plaza and Muskogee Inn. At Creek Convenience Store Atmore, Susie McCann runs the everyday operations and oversees 12 full-time employees. McCann is also a Tribal Member and has been at CCSA for about 12 years. Creek Travel Plaza actually has two female managers. General Manager Tammy Smith is over the entire truck stop, which has 49 employees, but Diner Manager Candy Stuckey oversees the restaurant portion of the business. Stuckey has 26 employees under her management. General Manager of Muskogee Inn Rochel Martin is the spouse of a Tribal Member and has been running the hotel for eight years. She has been with the hotel for 11.5 years and cares for 22 employees. Assistant Manager Angel Caraway is a Tribal Member and has been at Muskogee Inn for 18 years. “We are very proud to have such high level managers be women in our businesses and to be role models for others who aspire to be in leadership roles,” Director of Retail Operations Leo Hammons said. “CIEDA and its businesses are nondiscriminatory enterprises and our diverse employment record reflects that. First and foremost, we want to employ our own Tribal Members, and with operations continuing to grow, we have many opportunities for Tribal Members right here at our enterprises.” To see a list of jobs and to apply, go to

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