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Huge Turnout for customer appreciation at CCSW

Turnout Huge at CCSW Event An hour before the event even started, people were lined up around the building at Creek Convenience Store Wetumpka (CCSW) for a chance to win a $100,000 jackpot and other giveaway prizes.

In May, CCSW hosted a customer appreciation event to thank all the loyal patrons who visit the store on a regular basis. As an incentive to stop by, CCSW's promotion involved a third-party prize machine in which guests had up to seven chances to spin the reels to see what prize they won.

Everyone won something, including a few luxury items, such as a drone, GPS device, digital camera and a headset. Other prizes were car coasters for cup holders, sun shades, lunch boxes, koozies and more. Originally planned to last just two hours, the promotion was extended until everyone who was in line made it in the store to spin the machine and win.

"We were incredibly surprised at how many people showed up," General Manager Ellis Martin said. "Our customers are some of the best people around. They were all eager to spin the machine and see if they could win a jackpot. We are so glad this event was a super success."

Wind Creek Hospitality provided its food truck to feed the couple hundred people who milled around the store and waited to participate. Many patrons remarked about how excited they were to be a part of the promotion.

"Waiting in line is nothing if I win," one guest said.

Others said it wasn't just about the chance to win big; they were just happy to win a few different items and possibly a luxury gift.

"If I win that drone, I'll be happy," one mom said. "That's a great Christmas present for my kids."

By Jen Peake
CIEDA Marketing Specialist

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