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All About Convenience

All About Convenience You see them in every checkout line, even on the countertop perhaps — tempting merchandise. A display rack of gum, select candy or mints, a mini cooler stocked with refreshing drinks … all of these items can entice a customer to make an impulse buy or remind them of something they want.

And during peak driving season, strategic displays are the perfect opportunity for customers to choose Creek Convenience Store Atmore (CCSA).

Point-of-sale items are nothing new. Most consumers know them when they see them. But setting up specific arrangements to attract customers to buy goes beyond making an extra sale. It’s all about providing convenience.

Convenience is all about the right now. At CCSA, customers looking for special items can find them right away with just a quick glance. The layout of the store is set up strategically so you can easily pick out which aisle you should choose. But having some items arranged and showcased the moment someone walks in the door helps tremendously in getting that person to return to the store for those products again.

“We have a cooler filled with soft drinks sitting right at the door,” Tribal member and General Manager Susie McCann said. “During the summer, a lot of people come in for a soda or bottle of water to keep hydrated, especially outdoor workers. Why make them walk all the way to the back coolers when we could have a few on ice when they open the door?”

An online study said consumers remember point-of-sale displays that appeal to them. When asked how often a person visited the same convenience store and why, respondents said they patronized the same store frequently because their immediate needs were available and convenient, with little or no wait to grab and go.

“Our discount tobacco products also are in the line of sight for customers,” McCann said. “It’s a straight shot to the counter, no turning corners or going to the far end of the store.”

Creek Convenience Store Atmore also has the advantage of being the first store on Highway 21 going south off Interstate 65 at exit 57. For travelers in need of gas or just to make a quick pit stop for snacks, CCSA is the convenient choice.

And in a world driven by convenience, CCSA is doing everything right.

By Jen Peake
CIEDA Marketing Specialist

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